Midreshet Amit

Shabbatot and Chagim

Shabbatot and Chagim -We will be spending unforgettable Shabbatot in Communities all over Israel such as Yerushalyim, Gush Etzion, Tsefat, Beit Shemesh and more. We will also have official "In Shabbatot" where we enjoy Shabbat together as a school along with the mishpachot at Beit Hayeled. Our school policy is that the dorm is your daughter's "home away from home." Therefore, on Shabbatot where there is no official school Shabbaton, the dorm will be open for students to stay in with the supervision of a madricha. It is a wonderful experience to spend Shabbat with the families at Beit Hayeled and in fact, they stay in the building every other Shabbat. Our Coordinator of Student Activities will help place students with hosts across the country or with AMIT faculty. The only exceptions are Rosh Hashana and Yamim Tovim of Succot and Pesach. On these holidays, there are no residents in the entire building. (The dorm will be open on chol hamoed of Succot and Pesach.) For these chagim, we will assist any student who is unable to make plans on her own.

Hotels and Apartments - Students may NOT go to hotels or empty apartments without parental permission. We require an email from parents stating where your daughter will be and that you are aware and approve of your daughter's Shabbat or vacation plans.