Midreshet Amit

Dorm Life

Our dorm is made up of suites with comfortable American beds and spacious quality furniture to store your clothing. There is a safe available in our main office at Beit Hayeled for your passport. Each room also has a safe for the girls in the room to use and set with a private code. It is not advisable to bring large amounts of cash, expensive jewelry, or expensive electronics. Each suite is equipped with a full kitchen facility. The common room is equipped with a wireless internet connection for you to use with personal laptops and Ipads. On the other hand, excessive use of the internet in the dorm may prevent you from enjoying all of the opportunities that await you this year and therefore we strongly encourage you to spend your free time learning, relaxing with friends, enjoying the children at Beit Hayeled, and traveling around Yerushalayim.

Our dorm is supervised by caring madrichot who serve as role models and are available to assist with making your adjustment as smooth as possible. Regarding roommates, we will consider all requests and will accommodate at least 1 of your preferences. Furthermore, you may request specific girls to be in your room or in one of the rooms in the larger apartment. Additionally, feel free to go "potluck" and take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people. If you haven't yet completed the roommate request form, please send it by June 30th. Feel free to contact Mrs. Barbara Vidomlanski at barbarav.amit@gmail.com with any additional questions regarding the dorm and any special requests you may have.

There is a mandatory $150 cash or check laundry fee for the year which entitles you to unlimited use of our American washers and dryers which are set up in the laundry room in the dorm. This fee will be collected upon arrival. Students are required to buy their own laundry detergent. Housekeeping will be provided, but it is your responsibility to keep your belongings neat and organized. You will need to bring $100 cash or check with you for a room deposit. The money will be returned to you at the end of the year when you leave your room in good condition and there is no permanent damage. If you opt to send checks, you must provide 2 separate checks for these 2 fees. If you would like to send in advance, please mail to our office in Israel and email us (midrasha@amit.org.il) to notify us that the checks are in the mail.