Midreshet Amit

Dress Code

As you begin shopping and packing for next year, please remember that our dress code at Midreshet AMIT conforms to the laws of Tzniut (modesty).  Adherence to the dress code is mandatory for all students. The dress code will be strictly enforced both inside and outside of the school building (including Shabbatot) throughout the entire year.

You have the unique privilege of serving as big sisters and mentors to the children at Beit Hayeled. As such, you are role models in all that you do, say and wear.

Please shop according to the list below when preparing for this year.  We urge you to avoid uncomfortable situations by only bringing clothing that meets the standards of Midreshet AMIT. 

  • 1. Skirts must cover the knee when sitting
  • 2. Slits in skirts may not be above the knee
  • 3. Sleeves must reach the elbow (No cap sleeves)
  • 4. All necklines must come to the collarbone (No men's undershirts)
  • 5. Shirts must cover the midriff
  • 6. Clothing may not be too tight
  • 7. No body piercings are permitted. Earrings can be worn but no more than 2 earrings in each ear.