Midreshet Amit


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Parshat Teruma

By: Rabbi Jason Knapel

When the Mishkan was finished and the Aron was put into the Kodosh HaKodoshim it was put in a very specific way. The Badim of the Aron that were used to "Carry" the Aron were seen sticking into the Parochet. In other words you did not see the Aron - it was totally concealed inside, but you did see the impression of the Badim while looking at the Parochet. If the Aron was supposed to be concealed why would Hashem want the Badim to stick out? - it is not as if He couldn't get the measurements correct.

We know that many of the mepharshim see the entire Mishkan, structure and all, in symbolic terms. This concealed impression is to some degree the same way we relate to HaKadosh BaRuch Hu - we never see Him, which is beyond our ability, however we do see the impression that Hashem leaves in the world. A former student recently asked me is G-d immanent or transcendent. He was studying philosophy in University and he was taught the two opinions. The Chidush of Judaism is that he is both. He is beyond us and yet we know that He is with us. Of course this depends if our eyes are open to seeing the world around us in a different way than we usually do. G-d's divine brushstrokes are in everything around us, in everything in our lives - it is just a matter of opening our eyes.

It is also interesting that Terumah always falls out around the month of Adar and Nissan - two months that reflect this idea. The Month of Nissan is definitely the month where we "see" Hashem's presence in the world, and Adar is the month that His presence is not seen but rather felt.

May we open our eyes to Yad Hashem in our everyday life and may we go from Adar to Nissan in our personal as well as national lives.