Midreshet Amit


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Above and Beyond

By: Rebecca Basloe

In this weeks parsha, Parshat Va'yeira, Avraham is presented with the opportunity to perform the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim. The Torah details each step Avraham took to make his guests feel welcome and to be satisfied in his home. He rushed to greet these three strangers and to tell his wife, Sarah, to prepare an extravagant meal filled with various breads, meats and cakes. Although eating in this extravagant manner wasn't what Avraham and Sarah were used to, they wanted to go "above and beyond" for their guests. Rabbi Yisachar Frand, in his Insights on the Parsha delves into the idea of sensitivity towards others. Even though Avraham lived a simple life he was aware and eager to be sensitive towards his guest and made sure to provide them with extraordinary foods that they deserved.

This hospitality that Avraham exemplified in this parsha carried itself through generations. Experiencing Shabbatot in Israel I have come to realize how eager and welcoming our fellow Jews are. For example, there is a woman who set up a system called Anywhere in Israel. This system has tons of families all over the country willing to hosts random guests for Shabbat. Theses families can easily have an amazing Shabbat by themselves, but they open their homes and give students, like me, a chance to encounter something new. Just like Avraham and Sarah taught, these families go above and beyond to make you feel at home, to exceed your expectations and to meet your every need.

Rebecca Basloe of Engelwood, New Jersey is a graduate of the Frisch Yeshiva High School