Midreshet Amit


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Darkness to Light - The Blessing of Belief

By: Bella Shema

In this week's parsha the Jewish people are finally let out of Egypt. However the process was not an easy one. The Jews anticipated their salvation and got excited after each makah and everytime that Moshe went to Pharaoh. However their hopes were shattered more each and every time Pharaoh said NO. We learn that the Jews had to rush out of Egypt without any preparation and without baked bread.
How could this be? If they knew that they would be saved, how could they not be constantly preparing?
Even though the Jews knew the outcome they were beginning to grow restless and their disappointment grew. Time after time Pharoah said no and crushed their dreams further. When the time finally came and they were told to leave they were in shock. They had been so disappointed each time that when the time finally came they didn't believe it actually would. Therefore they had to rush and ended up leaving with unleavened bread. The rushed Exodus teaches a valuable lesson -  Hashem is with us always even when it seems like all hope is lost. Many times in our life it seems like we've tried countless times and nothing is working. It's those times specifically where we need to have faith and still try. Moshe continued asking pharaoh to leave even though he was rejected each time. Hashem reveals himself to us in our darkest times.
Today we see ourselves in such dire times that seem never ending. Just when we think covid is over another variant appears, another friend tests positive, a new fourth vaccine etc. It seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. However it is especially now where we have to look for Hashem and when he reveals himself to us.
Our faith is constantly being tested and we have to persevere and always return to Hashem. This week we had an amazing all night learning in honor of amit alumni Daniella Moffson on her yahrzeit. The night was full of wonderful achdut, a light of Torah and truly inspirational to me. The amazing thing about the Jewish people is we all have the ability to take dark times and make light shine from them.