Midreshet Amit


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Two is Better than One

By: Amber Hen

This Shabbat we’re re-starting Sefer Bereshit, where we read about Hashem creating the world. When the world was first created it was dark and empty. Hashem then created light out of goodness. in the dark all one can see is themselves, while in the light one can see everything and everyone around them. We’re so lucky to be in Israel this year all together and be able to truly see each other and all the good that we can each bring.
The first letter of the Torah starts with a and the last letter of the Torah ends with a , which spells - which raises the question of why doesn’t the Torah start with , the first letter of the alphabet? One answer is because stands for while stands for . Just like this year, we want to start our year off with Bracha and not Issur.
Another answer is because in gematria is 1, while is 2. Starting with would be like the darkness and being alone. Starting with bet brings light because it’s multiple. Helen Keller once said, “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” It’s nice to sit in the Beis and learn on your own but how much nicer is it to pair up with a chavruta and learn something together? It’s peaceful to sit alone and eat lunch or dinner but how much more fun is it to sit amongst other girls? No one wants to be alone, no one wants to be in that dark place. There’s something special about how much light can shine when people come together.
Hashem created this world for us to be all together as one nation, not for us to stand alone in the dark. we are all starting off this year together at Amit some knowing a few people and some knowing none. we should all branch out and fulfill Hashem's goal by engaging with everyone and become one big family. Shabbat shalom!