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What Death Cannot Kill

By: Rabbi Amos Azizoff

The Parasha of Chayei Sarah (“The life of Sarah”) begins by telling of Sarah’s death, which features in much of the subsequent narrative. This evokes an obvious question: Why is the Parasha entitled “The Life of Sara”?
This question can be resolved on the basis of our Sages’ statement: “Yaacov our Patriarch did not die.” Although he was mourned and buried, his descendants perpetuate his spiritual heritage. So on a spiritual level Yaacov is still alive. The same can be true for any individual. It is the spiritual content of our lives, and not our physical existence, which is fundamental. The boundaries of mortal existence cannot contain this spiritual dimension.

This is the message hidden in the name of this weeks Parasha. Sarah Imeinu spiritual “tree” continued to bear fruit long after her physical life ended.
Many years ago, I ran a Bar Mitzvah program in the United Kingdom. As a part of the program one of the sessions was to visit the local Jewish cemetery. Whilst walking round one of the children said “Rabbi, you cannot add days to your life, but you can add life to your days!!”
Let us take the lesson of Sarah and ensure that we pave the way for our future generations to continue in the path of Hashem.