Midreshet Amit


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Being Present

By: Daniella Aharoni and Julia Blinder

We are all at Amit just as Bnei Yisrael were all at Har Sinai. Of course Bnei Yisrael were all at Har Sinai; How could they even think about missing the greatest life time experience? We read in this week's Parsha, Parshat Netzavim,  לא אתכם לבדכם אנכי כרת את הברית הזאת ואת האלה הזאת….כי את אשר ישנו פה עמנו עומד.. ואת אשר איננו פה היום

Being at Har Sinai was not just a question of being there physically; Hashem makes a covenant with everyone there and with everyone not there as well. According to this pasuk we were all metaphysically at Har Sinai. The covenant applied not only to the Jews who were there but to future generations as well.. Abarbanel a commentator from the 1400’s in Spain asked How can we be  obligated in the covenant with G-d if we were not there saying נעשה ונשמע?. Abarbanel answers this conflict by giving an example of a man that took a loan from another man and then passed away but his debt was passed on to his children, who are obligated to pay it off. Similarly, we received a loan from G-d when he took us out of Egypt and gave us the Torah and the land of Israel. In order to continue to receive G-d’s gifts we have to keep our end of the deal just like as children would have to repay their father’s debt.

By choosing to come to Amit for a year of learning and chesed we are choosing to take part in the covenant. In the same way that the covenant was based on future generations we as Amit students are saying  נעשה ונשמע    Even though it is only the beginning of our journey here at Amit we must understand that as we learn this year to take our knowledge and bring it into our everyday lives when we leave.