Midreshet Amit


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Give A Little Heart

By: Rabbi Aaron Rosenberg

Over the last few weeks, the weekly Torah portion has dealt primarily with the building of the Mishkan - the Tabernacle that accompanied the Jewish people on their 40 year journey from Egypt to Israel. 


Although not many know this, but the Mishkan itself was never destroyed. Our sages teach us that it was actually buried underneath the site of the Beit HaMikdash, the Holy Temple.


Strange, as the Temple itself was destroyed! And what can be holier than the temple.


What did the Mishkan have over the Temple? Have a look how each was built.


The Temple was built with a tax, a levy that was imposed on the people. It wasn't voluntary (see Melachim Alef, chapter 5). The Mishkan was different. Whenever the Torah discusses the construction of the Mishkan, time and time again, you’ll see the words,   – a donation of the heart. It was voluntary and it came from the heart.


And the message is such - if we want things to last forever, we just gotta give a little heart.