Midreshet Amit


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Who Gets the Credit?

By: Chevi Pittinsky

This week's parshiot -  Vayakel and Pekudei discuss the completion of the mishkan. The pasuk says 

ותכל כל עובדת המשכן אוהל מועד ויעשו בני ישראל ככל אשר צוה ד את משה כן עשו .

This means that they finished all the work of the mishkan according to all that Hashem commanded Moshe.

The Alshich asks why the order of the pasuk seems to be reversed? Shouldn't it say that they did everything that Hashem commanded and the work was finished. He answers that Bnei Yisrael were not skilled enough to do the work of the mishkan on their own. Hashem helped them throughout the whole process guiding them through the difficult tasks. The building of the mishkan was a daily miracle. Despite the fact that Hashem was so involved in this process he gave the credit to Bnei Yisrael for the building as seen in the pisukim above. 

So too -  in our every day Life we should realize that Hashem is behind our talents and successes even when it seems like it's our own. We can also learn from Hashem's middah of giving others credit instead of taking the credit for our selves.