Midreshet Amit


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Building a Space for Ourselves

By: Amanda Kornblum and Flo Dweck

After the very mitzvah filled Parshat Mishpatim, Parshat Trumah introduces us to the concept of Mishkan, a place where G-d will be contained. The Abarbanel asks how can we contain Gd in a finite space if he is bigger than everywhere. There is no word to describe the immensity of Gd. Why does G-d need us to build him a physical space, can he not do that for himself?
The Abarbanel answers that G-d commands us to build this space for ourselves. The goal is to impact in our hearts that G-d is involved in our daily lives. The Abarbanel continues explaining that there are four general materials used in the Mishkan which represent four classes of people, intellectuals, workers, military persons and rulers. This is to symbolize that spiritual perfection does not lie in any type of people but with G-d.
People come to Israel with different expectations; some people come to explore Israel and to gain from their experience. Other people come because it is what is expected of them. Both expect that there is one way to have a spiritual experience. In the end we learn from the materials of the Mishkan that there is not one way to connect to G-d and find perfection. While we don’t have a physical Mishkan today, we do build ourselves into a place that we can meet and connect to G-d. This is not a goal for a year, it is an experience to continue building yourself for the rest of yourself.