Midreshet Amit


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Breishit: Getting Focused

By: Orly Slomianski & Tehila Gopin

In this weeks parsha, we have the unfortunate event of Cain killing Hevel. In Breishit Chapter 4: verse 8 we read , - ; , - . What does Cain say to Hevel? Rashi on that pasuk says, “He entered with him into words of quarrel and contention, to find a pretext to kill him…” In other words he created an argument where there was none. According to Targum Yonatan, “Cain spoke up and said to Hevel, “there is no judgment, no judge, nor any other world. There is no one to reward the righteous nor punish the wicked.” Cain went from being close to Gd to denying the existence of the Creator. It was in this state that he killed his brother. Before this encounter, both Cain and Hevel bring Karbanot to Gd and Cain’s is not accepted by Gd for various reasons. This frustrated Cain exceedingly, thus putting him into a state of mind where he was able to kill his brother without thinking about consequences. This is similar to what happened at Har Sinai, when Bnei Yisrael, about to receive the torah instead sin with the Golden Calf. In conclusion, we learn from here how susceptible we are to our moods, both as a nation and as individuals. As the torah cycle begins with Breishit we start our seminary year with emphasis on the torah learning and chesed which elevates our minds and souls to get close to Gd.