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Vayakhel - Emet

By: Rachel Gindi

This past week on Sunday, Color War was broken out. I was on the blue team and our theme was אמת , truth. The structure of the word אמת itself reflects some important truths.  The word אמת starts with the first letter of the aleph bet, and ends with the last, and its middle letter מ is also the middle letter of the aleph bet.  Our Torah is composed of all the letters of the aleph bet. This is one of the sources that show Torah is אמת , Torah is the truth. 

As I researched more with the help of my teacher Miri, we learned that יעקב 's trait that he is known for is אמת . Abraham was known for his kindness and love of Hashem and Yitzchak was known for Avodat Hashem and Yirat Hashem. These two traits are extremes. Yaacov who exemplified both traits represents emet which shows that the truth of the Torah is having both these traits. 

As we furthered this idea we found two sources that prove that the avot correlate with these traits and that Torah and emet are the same. 

על שלוש דברים העולם עומד על תורה ועל עבודה ועל גמילות חסדים
- מסכת אבות פרק א משנה י  
"The world stands on 3 things: Torah, service, and chesed."
Abraham is gimilat chasadim, Yitzchak is avodah, and Yaacov is the Torah, which we know is emet. 

Another source is 
על שלושה דברים העולם קיים: על דין ועל האמת ועל השלום  
- פרקי אבות פרק ראשון פסוק יח  
"On 3 things the world exists: on justice, on truth, and on peace."

Avraham goes with shalom, Yitzchak goes with din, and Yaacov is emet.

We learn from this that in our day-to-day lives we come across both extremes; we come across people who are extremely secular and keep some mitzvot such as tzedaka but don't immerse themselves in the study of Torah and we have others who only learn Torah all day and don't get involved with chessed. From this we learn that the true emet and the way the Torah and Hashem want us to live our lives is with a balance. That's the truth behind the Torah. 

As a Midreshet Amit student, this relates to me perfectly because Amit is unique in the way it incorporates both chessed with the Beit Hayeled kids and learning Torah together in our everyday lives. 

Shabbat shalom