Midreshet Amit

Academic Program

Talmud Torah at AMIT

Midreshet AMIT provides a unique combination of challenging Talmud Torah and intensive chesed. Because we want all students who are motivated to learn and passionate about chesed to find a place for themselves at AMIT, we are committed to providing exciting, challenging classes for ALL learners. Toward that end, we have worked hard to ensure that each time slot offers a variety of choices so that students of every level, background, and style can find classes that motivate them to achieve more than they ever thought possible in the world of Talmud Torah.

The daily schedule begins with four courses in the morning, of approximately one hour each, from 8:50 until 12:30.  The 2 hour lunch break is a relaxing time in which students can rest, exercise, hang out with friends, enjoy Yerushalayim, or pursue further learning. The afternoon program, which runs from 2:30-6:00, is a combination of  2 afternoon classes, mincha, and chesed hours with the children at Beit Hayeled. After a break for dinner, there is Night Seder from 8:00 to 9:15 (except Mondays).

Each hour slot is dedicated to either Tanach (Bible), Torah She'be'al Peh (Oral Law, including Gemara), Halacha (Jewish law), Jewish thought, or in-depth explorations of various topics. Each student chooses for herself the specific courses in those subject areas that best suit her personal learning style, interest, and level. In this way, each student is guaranteed a well-rounded, comprehensive education that covers the central building blocks of Judaism, while also being able to tailor-make her own personal schedule to match her interests.

Ultimately, our goals are to instill in our students a love and appreciation for Talmud Torah, to significantly increase their Torah knowledge, to build their skills and their confidence to learn independently, and to inculcate in them the desire to make Torah learning an ongoing and meaningful part of their lives.

We are very excited to guide our students through the incredible year of Torah that awaits them!