Midreshet Amit

Out of the Building Chesed

On Wednesday mornings, you'll have the opportunity to participate in one of many amazing chesed activities out of our building, The following is a list of some of our Out of the Building Chesed options that you can choose from.


English Language Tutoring:

  • Elementary school: 4th-6th grade
  • Intermediary school: 7th and 8th grade
  • High school: 9th-12th grade
  • Ability to work one on one with student during class time with work given from the teachers


Special Needs Programs:

  • Shalva: babies and toddlers with downs syndrome
  • Gan Eliya: preschool program for blind and visually impaired children
  • Shtilim: a school for children with autism
  • Ilanot: serves children who suffer from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and other physical disabilities. Most children are wheelchair-bound
  • Gan Sulam: an educational and therapeutic program for children with developmental delays, cognitive, emotional, physical or motorical
  • Grandpa Jack Horse Riding Center: helps children youth and adults with physical, emotional and behavioral special needs cope with their disability and acquire basic life skills through therapeutic horseback riding. In addition in helps improve their flexibility, balance, muscle strength as well as develop confidence, patience, self-esteem by riding and interacting with horses



  • Shaarei Tzedek  Hospital:
  • Alyn Hospital: a rehabilitative center for physically challenged and disabled children, adolescents and young adults
  • Aleh: a supportive center for children and young adults with severe multiple disabilities who require intensive support to perform daily activities such as eating bathing and sitting


Elder Care:

  • Melabev: a daycare center for senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia
  • Yad  L' Kashish:  an organization that empowers and supports nearly 300 needy elderly Jerusalem residents providing them with creative work opportunities in an artistic variety of workshops. The majority of the participants are from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and South America and fall in the lower economic sector
  • Bet Tovei Hair or Hod Nursing Home: visit with the elderly



  • Hineni Soup Kitchen: serves 2000 meals daily to Jerusalem's needy, troubled youth and holocaust survivors
  • Shekel Workshop: community services for people with special needs , helping them integrate into society
  • Gan Emunah: Preschool center for local Gilo residents
  • Chayal el Chayal: special projects to assist our country's soldiers