Midreshet Amit

Group Meal Policy

Policy Regarding Group Meals

Parental visits often include the expectation that the visiting parent will take a large group of students out for a meal in a restaurant. This practice is one which needs to be reconsidered for a wide range of important reasons.

1. It creates a social pressure on students in creating a guest list.
2. It creates a financial burden on parents who “must” treat their daughter’s friends for a meal out.
3. It creates ill will for the students who are not invited.
4. It is often disruptive, as large groups of students end up missing an evening class because of extended meals.

For all of these reasons, Midreshet AMIT does not allow group meals to take place during the school day (9:30 AM-9:15 PM). A group meal is one which includes any Midreshet AMIT students other than your daughter.

For those parents who would like to treat their daughter’s friends to something special, we suggest the following alternative. Parents can sponsor breakfast from a restaurant for the entire school at a fraction of what a meal at a restaurant would cost. Parents would also have a chance to better interact with their daughter’s friends than they would sitting at the head of a table in a restaurant. Furthermore, no one is excluded and the school day is enhanced rather than disrupted. Tali, our office manager is available to help you schedule a birthday meal and give you more details about food options and prices.