Midreshet Amit


After you return from your year at Midreshet AMIT, your connection to AMIT doesn't have to end!

Through the AMIT Future Leaders Initiative (AFLI), college students in the NY/NJ area are given a unique opportunity to make a difference in AMIT. AFLI (which was started by a Midreshet AMIT alumna!) galvanizes college students to help raise awareness as well as raise much needed funds for the children of AMIT.

Some things to look forward to when you're involved in AFLI are annual Yom Ha'Atzmaut Socials and flag football tournaments and one-time special events such as movie screenings and paintball.

We have several meetings a year where we brainstorm new ideas and then we all work together to execute these ideas. We have recently created an AFLI education committee, through which we hope to hold lectures as well as work with younger kids to educate them about AMIT and perhaps even do chesed projects with them.

The possibilities for AFLI are endless, and really stem from on the creativity and commitment of its members!

For more information or to get involved please contact:

You can also visit us on the AMIT website at http://amitchildren.org/join-us/afli/