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Adar at Midreshet AMIT

משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה!!

One of the highlights for the children of Beit Hayeled is the annual Adar celebration. This years' theme was "Under the Sea" and our students, along with the benot sheirut, spent may intense hours painting murals, decorating the "ocean" and creating costumes for all of the mishpachot. The girls, together with their respective "families," were transformed into starfish, divers, jellyfish, octopus, fishermen, sailors, and even popsicles! In addition, everyone enjoyed a comedy show and a special festive dinner.


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In many seminaries there is a tradition to "pull a prank" on the administration on Rosh Chodesh Adar - and the students of Midreshet AMIT did not disappoint! When I, along with Rav Wruble, Rav Goldstein, and Mrs. Kwalwasser arrived in school on Thursday morning, we were informed that we would be spending the next few hours on a scavenger hunt - boys vs. girls!. Our students came up with some amazing and creative activities that were selectively located throughout the Malcha Mall. Each time we successfully completed a challenge we received another challenge, leading us to yet another destination for a fun and often embarrassing activity. At some points there were students in costume; perhaps the highlight were the 5 "random people" that we walked past numerous times before realizing that they were in fact AMIT students in disguise! Kol Hakavod to Hannah Restle and Lizzy Luxenberg and program director Mrs. Barbara Vidomlanski for planning and running this event with the help of all of their friends who participated.

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