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Tiyul to the Galil and Golan

Last weeks three day tiyul to the Galil and Golan was amazing!!!

The tiyul started with a scenic overview of Yerushlayim as seen from Har Hasofim. We then traveled to Kassar El Yahud which is the exact location where Yehoshah crossed over the Yarden river when bringing bnei Yisrael into Israel.With tanachim in hand we relived that experience and had a clearer understanding of the text after seeing the site first hand.We then went on to the city of Teveria and saw a mosaic floor from the ancient beit knesset at Chamat Teveryah. Why does the picture of the sun diety appear on that floor? Ask your daughter for an explanation. We then went on a hike and swim at Brechat Meshushim. Afterwards we checked in to our hotel at Kibbutz Szold and learned about an amazing woman named Henrietta Szold and her contributions to building the State of Israel. We then went out for dinner and a fun night of bowling.

We started day two with a hike of the Banias with it's ancient temple to Pan and beautiful streams and waterfalls. We then saw an amazing movie about the Yom Kippur war and heard the heroic story of Avigdor Kahalani and how his tank battalion with only 44 tanks defeated the Syrians who had attacked with 550 tanks. They went for three days without food,water or sleep.After watching the movie we visited the actual battle site which still had some tanks remaining.We went from there to visit a gourmet chocolate factory. It was started by a woman olah from South America whose family have been producing chocolate for 100 years. Everything is produced by hand.We all received samples of what they produce and gained back all the weight we lost on the hike. (but it was worth it!) We continued on to Umm El Kannatir which was an ancient city that was destroyed in an earthquake. They are rebuilding the beit knesset there stone by stone. With the aid of 3D imaging they can figure out the exact location of every stone. To sum up all that we saw in the Golan we went to a multi-media presentation about the Golan in the city of Katzrin called Kesem Bagolan. It truly was magical and it was an excellent review for all that we had learned that day about the Golan. We then went to the Helicopter Crash Memorial for 73 soldiers who were killed in the war with Lebanon.We were there at night and could almost imagine how the accident occured. We learned about all the problems Israel has had along the Lebanese border and we saw first hand how close the border is. In fact the helicopter crash occured abot 30 seconds from the restaraunt where we ate. The girls enjoyed a relaxing night activity by swimming in a heated pool where there was also a sauna and hot tub.

On our last day we went to the city of Metullah which is a stone's throw from the northern border. We hiked Nachal Ayun with it's many amazing waterfalls and majestic views. We then went rafting in the Jordan River. At the location where we ended we discovered an ancient crusader fortress. We would have missed it had we not gone exploring. Where else but in Israel can you discover a 1,500 year old fortress just by looking up on an abandoned hill. We finished the trip with a visit to Agamon Hula. It is a beautiful nature reserve where thousands of birds stop on their migration south. We rented bikes and golf carts to tour the 5.5 mile reserve.We came back to Beit Hayeled for pizza and salads.

We can't wait for the next tiyul!