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Pre Rosh Hashana Yom Iyun

Our Pre Rosh Hashana Yom Iyun was a truly memorable experience. We spent the entire day at a scenic moshav near Beit Shemesh. The day started with special shiurim, given by Rav Goldstein and Mrs. Havi Bitter, on the topics of Tefillah on Rosh Hashana and Teshuva. After lunch, the girls were able to enjoy a beautiful private pool where some relaxed and others participated in a water aerobics class (taught by my very own mother!).

Following mincha, Rav Wruble shared thoughts about Rosh Hashana. Later in the day, we has another creative program run by Barbara and Miri about personal growth during this special time of year. Afterwards, the girls listened to the inspirational life story and lessons of emunah from Mrs. Michal Baruch. Michal shared her own personal journey from aethism to Orthodoxy. After working up an appetite, the girls enjoyed a delicious BBQ, thanks to the culinary talents of Rav Wruble.

Finally, this special day culminated with a kumsitz led by Rav Koenigsberg where we sang and listened to stories.

In the words of student, Alex Thurm, "I enjoyed the whole day and especially loved the time in the pool and the water aerobics. The kumsitz was really nice too." Marissa Braunstein adds, "Being able to listen to Michal's story right before Rosh Hashana was such an amazing opportunity. I really look forward to taking her class and getting to know her. She was a true inspiration." Paula Moskovitz said, "We learned a lot about teshuva today and in Havi's shiur we spoke about teshuva b'lev and b'peh. I found it so interesting that teshuva isn't complete unless you really mean it and you wouldn't repeat your action if put in the same situation. We should all strive for that kind of teshuva this Rosh Hashana."