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  • Banquet and Farewell

    Each family in Beit Hayeled made a special "Mesibat ...

  • Golan Tiyul

    We started off this week with a Lag Baomer trip to the ...

  • Yom Haatzmaut

    The transition from the sadness of Yom Hazikaron to the joy of ...

  • Yom Hazikaron

    We began our commemoration of Yom Hazikaron with a video ...

"I really enjoy the variety of challenging classes at AMIT because they are interesting and practical. I find myself constantly connecting what I learned in classes like Hilchot Shabbat and Women and Jewish Law to my daily life. "

   Amanda Povman
   Scarsdale, NY
Avital Mannis
Welcome to AMIT 5773!
*13* days until AMIT 2014-15!!