Midreshet Amit

5779 Year at a Glance

Midreshet AMIT 5779 Academic Calendar

Tuesda, August 28  טז אלול Arrival – Welcome to Israel!
Wednesday & Thursday, August 29- 30 יח - יט אלול Orientation, Yom Gibush
Shabbat, September 1 כא אלול Amit Orientation Shabbaton  
Sunday, September 2 כב אלול First Day of Classes
Tuesday, September 4 אלול כד Old City Vatikin Trip
Monday & Tuesday, September 10- 11 א - ב תשרי Rosh Hashanah
Wednesday, September 12 ג  תשרי Tzom Gedalia, AM Classes Only
Wednesday, September 19 י תשרי Yom Kippur (Optional Program in Amit)
Thursday, September 20 יא תשרי Chessed Trip
Friday, September 21- Tuesday, October 2 יב– כג תשרי Sukkot Vacation  
Wednesday, October 3 כד תשרי Classes Resume
Friday, October 5  כו תשרי "Live Israel" Tiyul
Shabbat, October 6 כז תשרי Shabbaton
Shabbat, November 3 כה חשון Shabbaton
Wednesday & Thursday, November 14-15 ו-ז כסלו Galil Tiyul
Shabbat, November 17 ט כסלו Optional In Shabbat in Amit
Shabbat, December 1 כג כסלו Shabbaton
Sunday, December 2- Monday, December 10 כה כסלו – ב טבת Chanukah
Wednesday, December 5- Sunday, December 9 כז כסלו – א טבת Chanukah Vacation
Monday, December 10 ב טבת Classes Resume
Tuesday, December 18 י טבת Asara B'Tevet, AM Classes Only
Shabbat, January 5 כח טבת Shabbaton
Sunday, January 13 ז שבט Semester 1 ends
Monday, January 14 ח שבט Semester 2 begins
Thursday, January 24 יח שבט Mid-Year Winter vacation
Sunday, January 27 כא שבט Classes resume
Shabbat, February 9 כז שבט Shabbaton
Monday & Tuesday, February 11 - 12 ו-ז אדר א Eilat Tiyul
Shabbat, February 23 יח אדר א Optional In Shabbat in Amit
Shabbat, March 15  ח אדר ב Jerusalem Marathon, Go Team Amit!
Friday, March 16 ט אדר ב Shabbaton
Wednesday, March 20 יג אדר ב Taanit Esther
Thursday, March 21 יד אדר ב Purim
Friday, March 22 טו אדר ב Shushan Purim
Thursday, April 4 כח אדר ב Pesach break begins at lunch, AM Classes only
Monday, April 8 – Monday, April 15 ג ניסן – י ניסן Optional Heritage Poland Trip
Wednesday, May 1 כו ניסן Classes resume at Night Seder
Thursday, May 2 כז ניסן Yom Hashoah Program
Friday, May 3 כח ניסן "Live Israel" Tiyul
Shabbat, May 4 כט ניסן Amit Shabbaton
Monday, May 6 א אייר Visit to Har Herzl
Wednesday, May 8 ג אייר Yom HaZikaron
Thursday, May 9 ד אייר Yom Haatzmaut
Sunday & Monday, May 19 - 20 יד – טו אייר Golan Tiyul
Thursday, May 23 יח אייר Lag BaOmer Program
Shabbat, June 1 כז אייר Shabbaton
Thursday, June 6 ג סיון Morning Banquet Brunch
Shabbat & Sunday, June 8 - 9 ה – ו סיון Shavuot Program
Tuesday, June 11 ח סיון Dorm Closes at noon,  צאתכם לשלום

*** All Beit Hayeled special activities and events TBA upon arrival. 
*** Detailed monthly calendars with more information and events will be posted on our website throughout the year.
*** No vacations are permitted without permission from the school administration.
***ALL dates and events are tentative and subject to change.